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released June 8, 2016

Written, Performed and Recorded by Dylan Curran

BIG thank you to Boggle for his soundcard and to Carlos and Dave Long for mics.

Instruments on loan from Steven Doyle (guitar) and Ian Grahame (electric bass)

This wouldn't have been possible without them.



all rights reserved


DYLDO Dublin, Ireland

Photography by Keelan Byrne

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Track Name: Jervis Street
On Jervis street
The night air is stained with shouts
Sometimes a car will run past
Before the bin trucks stall and groan

People always moving past
I’m the only one who’s here
Listening and awake too late
To panning snapshots of a thousand lives

This is not a sunrise room
My patch of sky is petrol blue
But sunset sees a burning gold
That plays on some piano keys
While others are left cold

The Morrison always robs my light
Long before the day is even done
Natural sound could break the noise
Pouring through my open window

The Liffey’s close and could be heard
If she was not so selfish
That vein that brings inland seabirds
To screech on flat roof stages

A gull’s as charming as a broken glass
Stay awake now it'll never pass
Track Name: Bryan
It usually goes
That those in your life who mean most
Are few
But sometimes you'll know
The flow of another one's soul
In you

You're looking forward now
But think how much we've grown
From back in philosophy
To all our songs my god ten years have flown

I know you'll create
The great work it's in you to make
I'm sure
I'm honoured to be
One of three who knew your gift was the key
And more

I know I speak for them
When I say we were proud
To share a stage with you
Your voice that was the world we moved around
Yes it was

Bryan you have always been the one
I'm proud to say I know
Well you opened up your home
When I needed it the most
That could never cover what you mean
To me, Sarah and Ian
To Keelan, Woz and Gene
And everyone who's seen
Their life been coloured by your light

I hope you realise that those you leave behind
Will feel so many times I wish I could see Bryan
I hope you realise that those you leave behind
Will feel so many times that something's wrong I wish I could see Bryan
Track Name: Tired Old
I feel tired and so old
Like a broken empty bowl
Pulled from the rich Boyne soil
Newgrange is more my home
Than any I have known

It's not that I've lost my thirst
But I always feel that first
I should have felt nostalgia's curse
Before the cynic's fall

The patterns on the rug pulled out
Look like all that I'm about
Empty words to worthy friends
I'm lost beyond your reach
Drowning for the beach

I'd give my life to see
What it is they want in me
I'm trapped behind all empty pleas
Rushing to the end
Track Name: Madeline
You were just two when I met you
And saw you dance around the room
To a song no one knew
Then you ran in an angel's twin
The smile that glowed behind your eyes
Lit the room we stood in

And as you grow
Don't be hard on those who know what's best
You'll have your chance
To be free but rules will keep you safe

We made fast friends you showed us 'round
Where you played and you slept so sound
Like your dog on the ground
You probably don't remember me
And that's OK I just thought I'd
Sing my memories

It may take time
'Till we meet again you will have grown
I won't forget
The sweetest girl with golden hair
Dear Madeline
Madeline, heaven's child
Track Name: Saoirse
How I always think of you
Walking the black path to school
Shining sun and Grasshoppers
Trapped in washed empty jam jars
You always took me to your friends'
When the shouting had begun
I owe you more than I can say
For letting me in on the fun
You could have easily told me 'go home you're my little brother'
Stay there and just keep your ears covered
Other kids had all the latest toys
I had you

But my thoughts have turned to shame
Thinking that day you were thrown
Into our brown bedroom bookcase
For saying something that was wrong
I should have stood up then
With no fear
And been just
Like my hero sister

Saoirse you know I love you
Track Name: Sara
I knew you
When we were kids
As well as anyone could
16's a blur
We all went
Our own way
Some of us kept all of the good
Although unsure

But life shaves our edges
And it rounds out regret
Memory's often knowledge of
Wrongs you will never forget

This song was
Started on Steve's guitar
That he brought around
And lent to me
He was just
Repaying something I
Did for him when his
Dad passed away

You found god for your son
To give him all the love
That you found in the life built with
Your best friend who's also mine

Jamie comes running in the room
Looking for Matchbox cars
The love in your eyes is visible
You can't believe he's yours
Where will he go who will he be
I can't wait to see
You know I'd pull the world apart
Only for you three
Track Name: On and On
When you go on and on
But nothing's wrong
It grinds me down
You can live right or wrong
The days are long
What floats can't drown

You need me so much
I'm not free for you
For me
And anyone can see
It's sad but true

No one is really strong
They play along
With who's around
Try keeping yourself free
Relentless me
No common ground

Why can't we leave the
Vultures at the door
For once
From now 'till evermore
Stop keeping score

When you go on and on (When you go on)
But nothing's wrong (I'm as in the wrong)
It grinds me down (It can't always be just your fault no)

Why can't we leave the
Vultures at the door
For once
From now 'till evermore
Stop keeping score
Track Name: Music for Dark Rooms
Track Name: Pigmalion
Carmela and Elaine
I can't wait 'till I see you again
All the time
'Cos you are so sweet
Running 'round all day
Begging for some hay that makes you squeak with joy
A sound that never could annoy me
All I want to say is that you
Changed my life in ways you can't know
I love you both so much
Track Name: Make Friends With Guilt
Make friends with guilt
And learn to love regret
All life’s sharpened edges
Turn around these threats

You find out more about yourself
In the dirty chambers
Than all the other sentiments
You meant to say but didn’t

If you can dull the blade
Born before your death
Then pressure of a life well lived
Dissolves in efforts kept

But what you lose
Is still a blooming flower
It’s part of you
And that’s enough to save it
Don't loose before you've started
Denial is truth that's half remembered
And memory is life kept for reusing